Vaseline Blue Roof Project

Community Education and Enrichment Campaign
The Vaseline Blue Roof Project not only painted 750 Diepsloot RDP Home Roofs Blue, but also trained the community members to assist on the project.

EGMS secured approvals and worked with the Ward Councillors and Dept on this incredible Campaign, Our Partners assisted with paint supply and skills development training.

The Vaseline Blue Roof Project was massive success; covering of 26 000 sqm of RDP House Roofs with Vaseline Blue paint. Vaseline is not only South Africa’s number one skin protector but now also protecting the roofs of an entire community.

Diepsloot ext 4 received a blue blanket across the Roofs, as well as community members were trained with the relevant skills to assist on this project. They were all awarded with official certification upon the completion of over 750 Homes Roofs Painted; furthering their job seeking opportunities as well as knowledge on maintenance on their home roofs for the future. 

Along with the roofs, each home was given a Vaseline Branded number; fences were painted, and the Community Playground was provided with safe equipment for the children to play on. 

The Community still stays in contact with us to generate more campaigns such as this; an incredibly rewarding project not only for the Vaseline brand but the entire Diepsloot Ext 4 community. 

 Vaseline Blue Roof Project

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