Production Line Packing

Goodie Bags, Gift Bags, Promotional Samples
EGMS can pack your Goodie bags, Gift Bags, Promotional Samples, Repacking items into smaller quantities. Sourcing packaging to distribution as required.

EGMS offers all types of production line packing. Our long standing relationships within the various Health Sectors has seen us pack millions of New Mom & Baby Nappy Bags over the years; Partnering with Netcare Hospital Group as their prefered service provider.

EGMS also offers special project packing, such as Sport Goodie Bags, Corporate Gift Bags, Sample repacking for distribution and much more.

Anything that needs to be packed or pre-packed for your business we can assist with.

Our Sourcing of Packaging Materials is most competitively priced and we are happy to assist you on whichever level you may require, Strategy, Design, Packing and Distribution.

For more details please call our office on 011 467 6311.