Pop-Up Clinics

Free Pop-Up Healthcare Services
EGMS offers Pop-Up Clinics for free to targeted patients nationally. Sponsorship, Branding and in-store promotion opportunities to accompany each Campaign.

With the Government Healthcare sector continually under strain; EGMS now offers clients the opportunity to create targeted free healthcare to various patients.

This ideal platform works alongside a Store Franchise; best suited to the brand offering, where our Pop-Up Clinic will be set up to run as many days as required and for as long as required. The average reach is over 200 Patients per day; covering screenings, tests and general check-ups.

A team of Nurses and when required Doctors facilitate the various check-ups. An artificial Intelligence enabled tech platform is used to draw additional diagnosis offering live data and statistics on demand.  

An easy to engage with audience, allowing for clearly defined brand message to be delivered through education and medical professional endorsement. 

In-Store Promotional Opportunities to accoumpany sales, promotions or product launches. 

The EGMS Pop-Up Clinics offer an unsaturated approach to medical engagement with your target audience. 

Offerings range from Pregnancy care, Nutrition, HIV, TB, Blood Pressure, Dental Care, Fraile Care, Youth Care etc..

Pop Up Clinics EGMS

For more details please contact us on info@egms.co.za