Eggs Health Awareness

Community Health Education Campaign
When eggs are prepared healthily they are one of the most cost effective and nutritious sources of protein for New Moms and their families.

The EGGS Healthy Eating Campaign targeted New Moms at Government Hospitals, Where the EGMS Ambassadors engaged with Moms on The importance of healthy eating. The responsibilities of breast-feeding and Baby Nutrition, as well as over all healthy foods for their whole family. 

On limited budgets Eggs are one of the best solutions; however the stigma of high cholesterol needed to be addressed through an extensive education approach.

The best way was to offer each mom a cook book for healthy egg preparations, and in this the discussion of the unhealthy food preparations in general of which they are to be aware of for the over all health of their families. 

Eggs, prepared well will service the required energy for a Busy Moms daily life. 

Eggs Education

Eggs Education