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Digital TV Screens in Government Clinics
Wellness TV screens are present in over 52 Government Clinics, reaching a viewership of over 6 million South Africans within the General Waiting Areas.

Wellness TV

Wellness TV is a Media Platform available in Department of Health General Waiting Areas.

LCD TV's provide quality content and advertising to the men and women of all ages in the waiting areas.

Primariliy targeting LSM 4-7.

Over 6 Million viewership per year.

Within these stimulation deprived enviornments, patients can wait up to 4 hours for their checkups and Wellness TV broadcasts Health and Wellness TV, an ideal platform to communicate with this targeted audience.

Offerings include;

  • Commercials. These are 30 second spots that are placed within the ad breaks. Any existing TV or radio material can be used. There are no limits to language or content other than standard ASA regulations.
  • Advertiser Funded Programming. This platform allows the client to create content and have it flighted in the body of the existing “broadcast”. These pieces of content would ideally be designed, scripted and produced by the client, and comply with the guidelines set by Wellness TV, i.e. not an infomercial. 2 minutes is suggested, however not compulsory.
  • Sponsorships. The idea here is to have popular segments of the “broadcast” sponsored by a client. The music video segment for example could have a squeeze back with branding for the duration of the insert.
  • Competitions. This interactive SMS driven opportunity gives the client access to the audience via premium rated SMS competition entry. The audience will be prompted to enter the competition via adverts, pop-ups, squeeze backs and/or scrollers.

"Did you Know's", "Scrolling branded banners", Owning a Health Topic Month

We can also assist from concept creation, production, filming and publishing of your required digital inclusion.

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