Dettol Education Campaign

Community Education Campaign
Dettol owned Hand Washing & Hygiene within Government Hospitals, Nationally through an EGMS Education and Sampling Initiative.

 One of the most important elements regarding health, hygiene and prevention of spreading germs is Washing Hands. As a New Mom welcomes their baby into the world, an awareness of the importance of Hand Washing for the whole family is critical for ensuring a healthy baby and a healthy family. 

EGMS developed various Dettol Brand Campaigns targeting higher LSM's at Private Hospitals Gyneas rooms; as well as lower LSM Government Hospital and Clinics Maternity Waiting Areas. 

With moms the major decision makers of their household, the best way to engage with her is through education and sampling. Our Government Hospital New Mothers are sponges for information, which then through the most powerful means of word of mouth; becomes not only a Hospital reach, but effectives whole communities with powerful messages of health, prevention of transfer of infections through hand-washing for the Dettol Brand. 

Working with the Department of Health, EGMS Reached over 3 million New Moms Nationally, Put up over 50,000 Educational Posters nationally and Reached communities all over South Africa with the Dettol message; Keep Clean, Stay Healthy. 

Dettol Government Hospital Education