Brand Ambassadors

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EGMS Brand Ambassadors deliver a vernacular educational experience, engaging with various audiences most relevant for your brand's message.

A personal touch in delivering your brand message. 

Each Campaign is designed with the brand, the audience and the budget in mind. 

With over 25 years of experience we have fine-tuned the most effective ways to ensure the message, the brand and the audience is productively engaged and successfully represented.

A Vernacular Educational Message powerfully delivered by passionate Ambassadors to establish a lasting brand relationship. 

 From Concept Creation, Strategy, Implementation and Tracking Effectiveness we can design a campaign to match your needs.

 What is the campaign aim? / Who are we speaking to? / What behaviour do we want to encourage? / What is the message we want to get across? / What type of Ambassador would fit this role best? / What is required to leave a memorable impact?