Baby Dove Brand Awareness Campaign

New Brand Market Reach
As Baby Dove launched in South Africa EGMS ensured trusted brand education was successfully implemented; offering New Moms a tactile product experience.

Motherhood is a journey, a wonderful, exciting and beautiful one. But like all beginnings there is always a certain amount of anxiety. Along the way, you are going to hear opinion after opinion – everyone seems to have one about being the perfect mother.

You might do it the way your mother did it. Or, you might do it by the book. You might make it up as you go along. But however you do it, it is your way… and we are there with you, every step of it.


When it comes to skin care, we know that moisture is key. Since launching the iconic Dove beauty bar over 60 years ago, we’ve enriched our products with our famous 1/4 moisturising cream and innovative cleansing technology to gently nourish, replenish and protect skin.

Our unique Baby Dove formulations are built around our 1/4 moisturising cream. Found in our baby bar, shampoo, and head-to-toe washes, the moisturising cream replenishes essential lipids in the skin’s protective outer layer which provides a natural defense against dryness. Instead of soap, our Baby bars and other cleansing products use our DEFI technology – an extra-mild cleansing complex designed to protect the skin’s natural barrier.

When using soap you remove the things you want to remove such as dirt, but also you remove natural parts of the skin such as; NMF [Natural Moisturising Factor], lipids and proteins. Mild cleansing, such as DEFI technology in Baby Dove cleansers, help preserve natural lipids and proteins in your little one’s skin while nourishing stearic acid (a lipid naturally found in skin) gently replenishes their skin’s fragile barrier.

Combined with our 1/4 moisturising cream, essential moisture is sealed in from one bath time to the next.

Baby Dove offers a unique range of products that provides:

  • Uniquely-mild cleansers that replenish skin lipids
  • Emollient-rich lotions that moisturise skin for 24 hours

Constantly working to maintain skin’s natural barrier.

Since launch in South Africa in 2017, the EGMS Medical Reps have visited over 670 Antenatal Classes; engaging with Midwives, Doulas and Preggy Mommies/ New Mommies on the Baby Dove brand. Our team perform a short demo to reveal exactly how HP neutral the bar soap is and offer a tactile experience to feel the wet wipes, the texture of the cream and petroleum jelly, smell and feel the lotion and shampoos. In addition, we empower our clients with factual baby cleanse and care information as well as answer any questions they may have.


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