Aquafresh Dentists Rebranding Campaign

Community Brand Instillment and Branding Campaign
EGMS erected over 60 urban Dentist room signs branded by Aquafresh, giving each Dentist branded business cards and samples for their patients.

EGMS approached Aquafresh with an opportunity to reach Dentist Practices that in dire need of either replacing existed signs or erecting a new one entirely.

The list of Dentists wanting to get involved soon grew exponentially and we had to select those who fit in budget, however over 60 Dentists were serviced with a new sign, branded personalised business cards and samples for their patients. 

The core brands that were being educated on were Milk teeth, Little teeth and Big teeth; and the education campaign encompassed the knowledge that the sooner you start to look after your teeth the healthier teeth you will have for life. We focussed on the health and education of the various types of toothpaste relevant for the different stages of childhood, and found that these details were not as widely known as we thought.

The Campaign ran for over a year and the impact was that of 60 Communities now being proudly branded Aquafresh.

Not only an education campaign but also a Community Enrichment opportunity that delivered great effectiveness for GSK South Africa. 

Aquafresh Dentist Branding